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  • Sai Charan

Chinese Firm Bids Lowest For Delhi-Meerut Project

Photo Credit: 终有 那天 (Via Unsplash). Photo for Representation Purpose Only.

Amid rising tensions between China and India, A Chinese Firm ‘Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co Ltd (STEC)’ has emerged as the lowest bidder for the construction of an underground stretch of the Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transport System Project. Given the high tensions and the call to boycott Chinese products in India, The Chinese company's success in becoming eligible for the $144 Million Project is set to stir a political storm in India.

The Government of India has clarified that the project is being sponsored by the Asian Development Bank and as per the bank's guidelines, It is not possible to discriminate against any country or a firm. Therefore, STEC's bid cannot be canceled as long as the project is being sponsored by the Asia Development Bank.

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