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  • Sai Charan

Joe Biden Wins!

File Photo: Joe Biden. Image Credit: Phil Roeder. Image Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

The Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, is projected to become the 46th President of the United States of America. Joe Biden is leading over Donald Trump with a lead of 34.414 votes in Pennsylvania which is outside of the automatic recount threshold.

After winning Pennsylvania, Joe Biden is projected to win at least 273 electoral votes. Therefore, making him the next president of the United States. Joe Biden's campaign manager Jennifer O'Malley Dillon said "Ecstatic — a great day for this country" after hearing the news.

Joe Biden has not yet made a statement regarding the news. An hour earlier, Donald Trump claimed that he has won this election "by a lot". The Trump Campaign has said that it will continue with its legal challenges which are unlikely to change the outcome of this election.

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