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LIVE: New Science Results From NASA’s SOFIA

Update-10: Glass beads formed due to the melting of the lunar surface because of micrometeorite impacts could be helping in concentrating the water.

Update-9: NASA says that we need to understand more about the water to determine if it is usable as science resources.

Update-8: The amount of water currently discovered is roughly equivalent to a 12-ounce water bottle within a cubic meter of lunar soil spread across the surface of the moon.

Update-7: NASA says that understanding water on the Moon could help the Artemis Program.

Update-6: The water could be due to solar winds or micrometeorite impacts.

Update-5: Prior to this discovery, we knew that there was some form of hydrogen. However, we were not able to confirm if it is water or another hydrogen compound.

Update-4: It is not yet clear if the water discovered in the sunlit surface is readily usable.

Update-3: SOFIA was able to identify the chemical fingerprint that is unique to water.

Update-2: NASA says that this is exciting as the expectation is that any water present in the sunlit surface of the moon would not survive the lunar day.

Update-1: Water has been confirmed to exist on the sunlit surface of the Moon.

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