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  • Sai Charan

LIVE: US Presidential Election 2020

Can Donald Trump defy the polls for a second time and beat challenger Joe Biden in his bid to win the 2020 US Presidential Election? Let's Find Out!

Update-21: Biden flips Michigan

Update-20: Biden flips Wisconsin

Update-19: Biden wins Maine

Update-18: Biden flips Arizona

Update-17: Trump wins Texas

Update-16: Trump wins Florida

Update-15: Trump wins Iowa

Update-14: Trump wins Montana

Update-13: Trump wins Ohio

Update-12: Biden wins Minnesota

Update-11: Biden wins Hawaii

Update-10: Trump wind Utah

Update-9: Biden wins California

Update-8: Trump wins Idaho

Update-7: Biden wins Oregon

Update-6: Biden wins Washington

Update-5: Biden wins New Hampshire

Update-4: Trump wins Missouri

Update-3: Trump wins Kansas

Update-2: Biden wins Colorado

Update-1: Biden wins District of Columbia

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