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  • Sai Charan

Nepal Bans Indian News Channels

Amid heightened tensions with India, The government of Nepal under the leadership of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has banned all Indian news channels, except the public service broadcaster Doordarshan. The signals of Indian news channels have been taken off the country by Nepali cable operators. A Nepali government spokesperson said that they are exploring legal, political, and diplomatic options to curb "misinformation" being spread by the Indian media.

Earlier, Rajan Bhattarai, Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister of Nepal tweeted that the news against Nepali PM KP Sharma Oli by Indian media is "condemnable". "We completely reject their fabricated and fake reports. We urge them to respect the Nepali government and people's unified position on our sovereignty and national independence," he added in the tweet. According to various reports, all news channels from Pakistan and China continue to be broadcasted in Nepal.

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