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  • Sai Charan

Russia And G7

Russia was a member of the group previously known as G8 (Now G7) until 2014. It was expelled due to the illegal annexation of Crimea. The Russian Federation led by President Putin annexed Crimea, The Russian speaking part of Ukraine in an unconstitutional manner. Russian forces stormed Crimea and instated a Pro-Russian leader. The Pro- Russian government held a snap referendum that was overseen by the Russian forces and declared that 95% of the Crimeans wanted to join Russia. It is widely believed that these results were fabricated. Later, President Putin formally announced that Crimea is now a part of the Russian Federation. The U.S.A. and its allies retaliated by imposing harsh sanctions on Russian firms under the leadership of President Barack Obama.

Now, President Trump called the current G7 structure outdated and wanted to include Russia. However, many of the U.S’s key allies opposed the move. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the first to oppose the move publicly. He accused Russia of continuously flouting international laws and remarked that Russia must not be invited to the G7 summit due to the same. The United Kingdom also opposed the move. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson threatened to veto any decision to invite Russia to the G7 Summit. Therefore, It is highly likely that Russia will not be invited to join the G7 Summit that is to be held in the United States.

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