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  • Sai Charan

Snapchat & Pseudoscience

Social media giant Snapchat is encouraging pseudosciences such as Astrology by inculcating them in their app. It has recently launched new astrological features such as "astrology profiles". One of the features reportedly lets users check their "compatibility" with their pals.

A recent poll found that about 30% of Americans believe in Astrology. What is even more worrying is that 53% of Europeans believe that Astrology is "scientific". Social media companies such as Snapchat are aggravating the problem by bringing astrology to millions of users around the world.

The adverse effects of Astrology need no introduction. They have been extensively documented in various research papers. The "astrology compatibility check" introduced by Snapchat might bring some new cash to the company but it will definitely have adverse effects on many relationships and the wider community.

India is a good example of what astrology can do to society. Self-proclaimed astrologers control almost every aspect of life in the majority of Indian Hindu households. Important decisions such as marriage are also made on the basis of astrological predictions.

Snapchat introduces these dangerous beliefs to masses around the world through their "astrology compatibility check". Although astrology is currently not a major influencing factor in the west, features such as these can make astrology a major influencing factor. This can cause immeasurable damage to society and change the very fabric of society.

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