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  • Sai Charan

The Curious Case Of WhiteHat Jr

WhiteHat Junior, a Byju's subsidiary, is facing the ire of social media users for its dubious marketing practices. The company has been caught falsely advertising that a WhiteHat Junior student has earned a package of more than $250,000 at Google.

WhiteHat Junior was also caught trying to crush criticism of its classes and advertising practices. Videos posted on YouTube and other social media platforms criticizing them are being swiftly removed on the basis of copyright violations.

Some videos have been removed for merely showing the logo of WhiteHat Junior. These practices are a direct violation of the Indian Copyright Law which states that copyrighted content can be reproduced for the purposes of commentary.

WhiteHat Junior feels that cracking down on dissent can help them save their face. However, these practices are only aggravating their problems and helping their critics spread their message.

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