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  • Sai Charan

What Caused The Riots In Norway & Sweden?

File Photo: A Demonstration. Photo For Representation Purpose Only.

Norway and Sweden are not strangers to Islam. Islam is said to be the largest religion in Norway after Christianity and in Sweden, Muslims make up at least eight percent of the total population. A lot of the divide has to do with immigration and the failure of the government to deal with it. In recent years there has been a rapid influx of asylum seekers in these two countries. In 2015, a record-breaking 160,000 asylum seekers entered Sweden. In Norway, immigrants account for about 16 percent of the country's total population.

Due to the mass immigration, some cities in Norway and Sweden have become Muslim enclaves where the Sharia law is said to trump the Norwegian and Swedish laws. These neighborhoods follow their community leaders, not the Norwegian and Swedish governments. The citizens of Norway and Sweden, the ones who are protesting, do not want to adapt to these new Islamic norms that are alien to them. This cultural divide is the root cause of the violent riots in Norway and Sweden.

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