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  • Sai Charan

Will The Iran Arms Embargo Be Lifted?

File Photo: Pompeo and Vladimir Putin. Image Credit: U.S. Department of State from United States.

A ban on selling conventional weapons to Iran ends in October under a 2015 Security Council resolution that supported the denuclearisation accord negotiated by former President Barack Obama. On Saturday, The United Nations Security Council has rejected a bid by the United States to extend a global arms embargo on Iran. China and Russia are against the extension of the arms embargo as they are likely to sell arms to Iran once the embargo is lifted. The sale of arms to Iran could be very dangerous for peace and stability in the middle east.

The only way forward for the US is to use a controversial technique called snapback. The United States could submit a complaint about Iran breaching the nuclear deal to the Security Council. The council would then have to vote within 30 days on a resolution to continue Iran's sanctions relief. If such a resolution is not put forward by the deadline, all UN sanctions in place before the 2015 nuclear deal would be automatically reimposed. Even if such a resolution is put forward by Russia and China, the US could fail the resolution by vetoing it. Therefore, It currently seems that the Iran arms embargo will not be lifted anytime soon.

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